GPS 4G Asset Tracker, Plug-n-Play, OBDII, Real-Time Device Locator


New SIM CARD, 4G Service and Programming Included.


Only Supports Our Best Brand of 4G/5G GPS Tracking Hardware for Premium Results
PC-902L vehicle gps tracekr with shock alert,geofencing,over speed alert,historical playback,real time tracking. GPS tracker device wiith Geo Fencing: Can set up a geo fence for the tracker device to restrict its movement, it will send SMS alarm to control number when it goes out of district. This hard-wired car GPS tracker has a hidden built-in mini battery in the event of a power-cut.
Tracking, works based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. Access the reports by SMS, App and Internet, which display of location information. accurately up to 5 meters. GPS Tracking Software manages alerts and generate custom reports for the information you need. History, routes, playback. and more.
 trackers use our privately hosted tracking servers. We also have multiple Mobile, Tablet and PC APPs for Android, Apple, and Windows 11+.

For more detials or for instructionson how to download your private tracking app, contact us directly at:


First 3 Months of Service Inclusive. Rates: 4¢/Txt - 4¢/Min - 4¢/Mb. Also Includes a Free New Local US Based Cellular GPS Number.


** Basic Installation Required. Certain Restrictions May Apply.

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